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Intermediate surf lesson

Get ready for customized coaching from our head coach Tuan Phamduy who will analyze each wave you ride, provide insightful feedback, and guide you to perfection in a friendly and interactive environment. Complement your practical lessons with our unique theory classes and video review sessions. Learn to understand the art and science of surfing and accelerate your progress.



Surfers wanting to practise paddle technique and strength 

Those wanting to learn how to turn, and/or improve their turn technique, on consistent waves 

Surfers wanting to learn how to generate and control speed along the wave 

As an intermediate surfer, you’re looking for more than just a standard surf lesson. You’re seeking an experience that prepares you for the more challenging aspects of surfing. That’s precisely what our program delivers.

Price for intermediate coaching
(prices are per person)

*min recommended 2hr lesson 100$

option 1 package 4hrs 180$
option 2 package 8hrs 350$
option 3 package 12hrs 510$

Including: video coachings, photo sessions, all surf equipment, waters, pick up & drop off.

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