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Practice makes perfect!


We surf to have fun, and enjoy sharing our love of riding waves with others.

So we rent surfboards to create the perfect conditions and have the best time possible. 

High Performance Shortboards • Longboards • Funboards • Beginner Soft Tops

Whether you’re a local beginner or a seasoned surfer we have the right surfboard for you.


* we advise all beginners who never surfed before to take a lesson with our coach for their own safety & to learn few basic things to be able to handle some possible situations and to have fun riding! 





Pricelist for board rental:


1 hr board rental - 7usd

1 day board rental - 17usd

1 week board rental  - 100usd

/ motorbike rental with surf rack 1 day - 7usd



If you want to know more about our activities, availabilities or prices or you want to book your surf adventure,  feel free to contact us!

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